Facilitating Research and Design Services

Modernizing workflow with superior proficiency, reliability & configurability. 

Research Workflow Management

An End-to-End Research Workflow Management

Workflow Management Tools Automate Key Processes

  • Improved efficiency of the workflow by reducing reliance on emails, applying best practices and eliminating duplication of work.
  • Monitor and maintain request pipeline through a single dashboard view, which keeps managers and requestors aware of their project’s status.

End-To-End Platform

  • Full coverage of the workflow process by streamlining every step from request intake to knowledge management and everything in between.
  • MIS reporting feature to track productivity, measure process efficiency and business performance.

Elements Can Be Configured to Fit Your Organization

  • Maintain consistency through the platform’s ability to suit your organization’s specific elements such as brand colors, fonts, dashboard widgets, etc.
  • Optimize workflow for your organization by choosing specific steps to implement, along with making your repository easy to navigate by configuring search fields.

Cutting-Edge Technology Stack Operates in Various IT Environments

  • On-the-go access through secure channels on mobile or web, where users can submit requests and receive output in a holistic manner.
  • Collaborative capabilities of the platform make it easier to collaborate with stakeholders and other team members, which improves overall efficiency.
  • Easily adaptable to various technological environments, since the technology and proprietary elements are designed to ensure smooth operation. 

How can Researchstream help?

how can researchstream help

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