Forrester Includes Evalueserve in The AI Service Providers Landscape, Q3 2022

Catch up on key industry trends and learn about what to look for in an AI partner


Finding the right AI partner in an increasingly crowded market

According to Forrester, “67% of data and analytics technology decision-makers say their organization has adopted AI.” Of these decision-makers, the majority are looking for partners to help them scale production and realize business results.

Why are data and technology leaders so keen on partnering with AI services providers?

AI success goes beyond calibrating accurate models. Its impact within data-driven organizations extends to questions around user needs across functions and ecosystem infrastructure.

AI service providers, “bring a holistic approach to client engagements across strategy, people, process, data, and technology and combine management and technology consulting to drive high-impact business outcomes.”

In recent years, the AI services market has become more established. You now have a wide range of partners to choose from – small to large, general to domain-specific. Forrester names 39 in this landscape. Some vendors focus on proprietary products, others capitalize on strong partner ecosystems.

In this report, Forrester sheds light on top business scenarios for engaging AI partners and key capabilities to look for. Get ideas on how to narrow down your consideration set and make your own assessment on vendors like Evalueserve to find the right fit for your organization.

Domain-Specific AI

How We Support Clients

For the last decade, we’ve helped clients turn data analytics and AI-driven insights into business outcomes.

The key to scaling success has been domain-specific AI. We have frameworks, products, and teams in place to make sure your AI implementations are not only successful once but repeatable over time and across teams. Drive decisions in real-time.

Our analytics experts benefit from working closely with the research arm of our business. In addition to data analytics and AI, we have business solutions that regularly provide market and competitive intelligence to clients across functions and industries. Building off these insights, our analytics teams can quickly contextualize the analytics and AI need, support change management, and drive adoption across the organization.

Go-to-Market AI

Across B2B clients, we’ve identified data analytics and AI use cases that consistently produce a high RoI. Focus on these use cases and equip your sales, marketing, and customer experience teams with the intel they need to win more business.

  • Get customer insights such as buying propensity, customer lifetime value, next best action recommendations
  • Integrate your data ecosystem and business applications to enable real-time customer 360
  • Scale data-driven decisions across the organization through automation

Data Analytics and AI Centers of Excellence

Create new value from all sources of data – internal and external, structured and unstructured. Our data analytics and AI practice help you bring it all together to help drive business decisions.

  • Accelerate your AI journey with a strong data architecture that connects your data from where it’s stored to your analytics environments, BI tools, and business applications.
  • Do more than migrate to the cloud. Make your data useful with data harmonization and identity resolution.
  • Run your COE on an analytics platform that facilitates best practices in portfolio management, governance, and knowledge management.

Supply Chain & Procurement

Stale data is useless, especially in today’s macroeconomic conditions. AI-powered supply chains can help you respond quickly to what’s happening on the ground and build strategies that handle future disruptions.

  • Drive forecasting, inventory strategies, network optimization, and more
  • Scale simulations to prepare for more scenarios
  • Gain complete visibility into your supply chain across internal operations and partners

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