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In the ever-changing and diverse corporate market, it's critical to understand your customers and market.

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Enhance Your Decision-Making

Evalueserve, a global AI-enabled solutions provider with over two decades of expertise, is your trusted partner in elevating and expediting decision-making across enterprises. Our commitment to delivering unparalleled value is underpinned by harnessing domain-specific AI capabilities and collaborating with subject matter experts.


We excel in converting vast volumes of data into actionable insights and strategic decisions. Our solutions empower our clients to not only maintain their relevance, competitiveness, and adherence to compliance standards but also gain a competitive edge through the power of data-driven decision-making.


Data & Analytics

Scale informed decision-making across the enterprise with data science, business intelligence, and data engineering.


Market & Strategic Intelligence

Empower your business with actionable insights through our market and strategic intelligence services, which deliver tailored solutions that include competitor analysis, trend identification, and market forecasting. Stay ahead in a rapidly evolving business landscape, making informed decisions that drive your success.


Innovation & R&D Intelligence

Elevate your innovation and R&D efforts with our intelligence services, specializing in innovation whitespace, benchmarking, patent analysis, IP strategy, toxicology, and landscaping. Our tailored solutions provide crucial insights into competitor patents, emerging trends, and intellectual property opportunities, empowering your business to excel.


ESG & Sustainability

Meet your ESG and sustainability goals with our comprehensive services, specializing in ESG advisory and scope 3 decarbonization strategies. We provide comprehensive ESG solutions that and sustainable supply chain optimization, helping your organization lead in responsible business practices while achieving carbon neutrality.


Supply Chain Analytics

Optimize your supply chain with our analytics services, centered on enhancing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and resilience. Our tailored solutions include demand forecasting, inventory management, and supplier performance analysis, ensuring your business operates at its peak while making informed decisions that streamline your supply chain operations.

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