ESG Best Practices

Governance Initiatives

Impacting SDGs

Business Ethics

  • Maintaining high ethical standards by following a rigorous Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, offering continuous ethics training, and fostering a culture of integrity
  • Building strong stakeholder relationships by implementing robust policies and operating as a transparent, open, and responsive organization
  • Policies to stop fraud, money laundering, conflict of interest, corruption, and insider trading
  • Well-defined whistle-blower mechanism to report misconduct and unethical issues
  • POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) to create a safe and respectful workplace environment
  • Processes aligned to the highest data security standards, such as GDPR
  • Having a Supplier Code of Conduct (SCOC) in place to ensure adherence to compliance standards

Audits & Controls

  • Stringent controls to protect the information of employees and clients as per ISO 27001: 2013
  • SOC1 and SOC2 audits at most of our locations to check the effectiveness of internal controls
  • Screening-related risk minimization by conducting OFAC checks

Reporting & Disclosure

  • Improving transparency by reporting and disclosing our ESG performance through UNGC benchmarking, EcoVadis rating, CDP disclosure, GHG emission reporting, and participation in other initiatives aligned with our ESG focus areas

Risk Management

  • Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) globally

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Ensuring that our vendor agreements, sensitization training sessions, and feedback mechanisms foster a sustainable and responsible procurement process
  • Conducting mandatory periodic compliance training for all employees to promote ethical behavior to mitigate risks and maintain a responsible work environment

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