ESG Best Practices

Social Initiatives

Impacting SDGs

Health and Safety

  • Enabling regular health and safety information, and offering training that prepares employees to handle emergencies
  • Conducting regular disaster management drives to ensure workplace safety
  • Provisioning web-based medical support and resources for the mental and physical well-being of employees and their family members
  • Organizing physical health camps for employees

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)

  • Creating a fair, equitable and decent work environment, and becoming an employer of choice by being an exceptional place to work in
  • Creating a diversified, inclusive, and dynamic organization at workplace as well as across the supply chain
  • Improving our DEI efforts by fostering learning, awareness, and capacity-building programs (such as Employee Resource Groups), organizing diversity talks, celebrating Pride Month, supporting underrepresented groups, having gender-neutral dress code, allowing the use of preferred pronouns in signatures, and offering leadership programs for women leaders
  • Promoting work-life balance through a hybrid and flexible work environment
  • Improving accessibility of digital information through alt-text usage

Training and Development

  • Conducting regular performance assessments, along with upskilling and reskilling programs for employees to understand the skills they need to excel in their current and future roles and enabling them to reach their short- and long-term career goals

Community Engagement

  • Constructively making a positive impact on underserved communities by collaborating with them and understanding their unique challenges to develop a more inclusive and fair global society
  • Our community engagement programs strive to support causes and engage in actions that encourage our local and international communities
  • Our CSR efforts aim to ensure that current and future generations throughout the world have the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable life
  • Our Education Foundation (EEF) collaborates with the community to find sustainable solutions to persistent problems, as well as identify support groups and individuals to empower them
  • Our regular employee engagement activities with communities foster sensitivity and responsibility. Our global initiatives revolve around activities such as donation drives; blood donation camps; tree plantation; and volunteering at community kitchens and animal shelters, lake and beach cleaning drives, and health camps for marginalized communities
  • Our donation and volunteer programs have been expanded to further integrate our service culture within the communities we serve across our network of six countries (India, Romania, Chile, China, USA, and Egypt).

Supply Chain Sustainability

  • Integrating ESG / sustainability principles into our procurement processes and decisions through a sustainable procurement program

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