ESG Best Practices

Environment Initiatives

Impacting SDGs

Water Conservation

  • Having water-positive features at most of our leased offices such as:
    • centralized sewage water treatment plants
    • rainwater harvesting systems
    • water quality checks
    • sensor-based water taps

Waste Management

  • Reducing and recycling waste and solid waste, such as food and paper waste
  • Placing dedicated waste bins to dispose of sanitary napkins
  • Taking initiatives to reduce e-waste, including sorting and recycling electronic materials through certified recyclers and donating used technology equipment
  • Driving paperless operations by digitizing our procedures
  • Encouraging employees to avoid paper cups by including ceramic mugs in the welcome kit and distributing them at onboarding
  • Installing hand dryers in washrooms to minimize paper waste
  • Sensitizing employees to minimize the use of tissue paper
  • Replacing plastic bottles with reusable copper water bottles

Carbon Footprint

  • Reducing electricity consumption through energy monitoring systems to optimize equipment settings
  • Undertaking regular maintenance checks of HVAC units
  • Reducing our carbon footprint with energy-efficient initiatives, such as leasing of office buildings with solar panels and energy efficiency certification (including LEED and IGBC Platinum) and using efficient lighting (such as LED, motion-sensor lights, etc.), as well as hiring cab services that use clean fuels
  • Minimizing indirect emissions by identifying alternatives for travel, whenever possible, and encouraging employees to opt for eco-friendly travel options
  • Prioritizing cleaner mobility options, such as shuttle services to connect to public transportation to encourage limited use of personal vehicles, and adopting a hybrid work model.
  • Using renewable energy sources, such as solar and hydel, to support sustainability

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Promoting the dissemination of sustainability-related capacity-building knowledge among internal and external stakeholders
  • Serving our clients worldwide in sustainability-related areas in order to help them enhance their environmental performance and implement more sustainable operational approaches

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