The Shifting Landscape of Competitive Intelligence with Joëlle Laubner

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In this installment, Joëlle Laubner, Business Intelligence Manager at Syngenta, speaks to Erin Pearson, VP of Marketing at Evalueserve, about how the competitive intelligence landscape has already shifted and how AI continues to drive change in the space.

Erin and Joëlle discuss: 

  • The evolution of competitive intelligence from labor-intensive, manual processes to a more automated landscape.
  • The importance of balancing automation and human expertise, or mind and machine.
  • Tailoring market and competitive intelligence insights and delivery methods based on stakeholder preferences and needs.
  • Strategies to drive adoption and foster collaboration. Feedback loops are critical in creating and maintaining a dynamic market and competitive intelligence program.
  • Predictions for where the competitive intelligence field is headed next.
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