Facilitating research, knowledge management and reporting

Evalueserve Researchstream has been designed to facilitate a smooth process from request submission to report delivery and beyond. With configurable elements to ensure flexibility, Researchstream is the right solution for a modern research workflow.

Researchstream ensures quick and easy resolution of research requests and proper management of knowledge for re-use

Research request

Approval of plan

Report delivery

Feedback submission

Knowledge management

What Researchstream enables

With Researchstream, it's easy to ensure that each research request is handled correctly, with the proper deliverables going to the right stakeholders.

Streamlined requests
Web and mobile interfaces make it easy to submit a request and ensure the right stakeholders are informed.
Timely deliveries
Delivery of reports within agreed timelines is our guarantee. Interim and final reports can be shared and discussed.
MIS reporting
Tools to measure and manage process efficiency and business performance are included.
Knowledge management
Documents are tagged and uploaded to a fully searchable knowledge repository to ensure efficient re-usability.

Business benefits

Researchstream greatly improves on non-automated research request processes, with greater efficiency, consistency and configurability.

Improved efficiency
Transparent processes, reduced reliance on emails, application of best practices, and elimination of duplication of work all mean greater efficiency.
On-the-go access
With mobile and web access through secure channels, users can make requests and get reports wherever and whenever they need.
Productivity tracking
Team productivity can be tracked, making it easier to identify areas for improvement. MIS reports are auto-generated, further eliminating manual effort.
Systematic management
The single dashboard makes it easy to always see the request pipeline and stakeholders involved. Managers and requestors alike always know where their project stands.

Key elements

Designed by a cross-functional team with expertise in informatics, research, analytics and industry standards, Researchstream is unique in its flexibility and efficiency.

Researchstream enables you to configure elements to suit your company, including brand colors and fonts, workflow steps, search fields for the document repository, and widgets on the dashboard.
Cutting-edge technology
The technology stack for Researchstream includes cutting-edge technology from leading providers and proprietary elements designed to ensure smooth operation in every IT environment.
Thanks to the automation of routine functions, 24/7 access and crucial workflow management tools, Researchstream makes the process of requesting and receiving reports highly efficient.