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Invalidity Patent Search

Identify the most relevant documents in searches, especially high-stake invalidity and opposition searches.

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Intellectual Property & R&D Solutions

Access To World-Class Databases

We have access to world-class databases for patent, technical literature and specification (standards), conferences, and journals to ensure comprehensiveness on all our searches across all technology fields. Combined with in-depth file wrapper analysis and knowledge of the latest patent case laws across US and EU, our searchers can identify the best prior art documents to strengthen your invalidity or opposition arguments.

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Invalidity Patentability Search

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High-Tech Major Builds Strong & Strategic Patent Portfolio by Adopting Evalueserve’s Directed Prosecution Solution

To remain competitive and defend from any possible future litigation threat, companies have invested millions to build a patent portfolio to protect their innovations. However, in the course of protecting IP for everything, the quality of the patent portfolio could get compromised. It becomes challenging for top patent owners to continuously sharpen the quality of patents, as they also have to keep their company’s future value in mind. 

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