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Transparent processes for novelty and patentability searches account for your specific use case.

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Actionable Patentability Search Report

Our transparent processes for novelty and patentability searches account for your specific use case, whether you’re screening inventions or drafting claims.

In addition, we flexibly customize our search and engagement model based on the volume of the searches our clients want us to search. Our knowledge management processes are essential for clients with bulk searches, generating a customized search tool that ensures efficient and high-quality searches.

Our search reports include a prioritized list of search results segregated as X / USC 102 or Y / USC 103, with relevant text mapping with the key features of the invention for an easy read of the report. Our reports are customizable based on your specific needs and for enabling quick decision making. 

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Patentability Search

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How Evalueserve Helped a Major Consumer Electronics Company Monetize and Enhance Patent Portfolio Quality

To be the leader in any industry, companies invest millions in Research and Development and their Intellectual Property (IP) portfolios. They spend the majority of their IP budget to build strong patent portfolios that can be used for defensive or offensive purposes. However, studies show that despite making huge investments in R&D and patent portfolio creation, only a fraction of patent portfolio quality yields revenue helps protect the company’s market share, or protects their own products.

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