Automated financial spreading for speed and accuracy

Re-define financial spreading using Evalueserve Spreadsmart, that gives you fast and accurate financial data for credit assessment, thereby creating unprecedented efficiency, quality and risk control

Three essential functions in one software

Spreadsmart automates the extraction of financial data from multiple document types and formats
Spreadsmart updates and integrates the extracted financial data with your templates and platforms
Dedicated alerts ensure you know if covenants are breached or financial updates are due

Business benefits

Spreadsmart gives you greater cost control, improves productivity and facilitates compliance for financial data workflows.

Productivity and cost control
Proven to deliver 70% productivity gains compared to manual processes, Spreadsmart streamlines workflow management and facilitates faster auditing. When you need to expand your operations, Spreadsmart ensures smooth, optimal process scale up.
Better decision-making and compliance
Thanks to dedicated features for covenant monitoring, including alerts and responses, Spreadsmart supports timely, fully informed decisions regarding filings, covenant breaches and credit risk. The centralized repository also facilitates portfolio management.
Thanks to the mind+machine approach, Spreadsmart is proven to give 99.6% data accuracy with complete elimination of manual data entry errors. This is a significant improvement over fully AI-based tools, which are less accurate.
Reduced time to market
With significant productivity gains and vastly improved accuracy, which necessitates less quality control, Spreadsmart enables much quicker turnaround on financial spread workflows, allowing banks to make faster credit decisions.
What sources can Spreadsmart use?
in multiple file formats
(PDF, Excel, JPEG, scanned copy and more)
Financial statements from both public and private companies
Financial statements from non-profits, trusts and government organizations
Personal tax returns (PTRs)
Personal financial statements (PFSs)
Why choose Spreadsmart?
Flexible pricing
Choose the pricing model that suits your business model: per-spread for flexibility or per-license for predictability
Rely on us
We know spreading: we developed Spreadsmart based on extensive experience in financial and credit research
End-to-end expertise
Evalueserve is a dedicated research provided: with all our services, we offer deep experience in end-to-end processes