• Accurate and fast data extraction.

  • Trust your analysis and decisions.

  • Accurate analysis. Accelerated extraction.


Spreadsmart: an automated application to extract data from financial statements

Patented technology for faster data extraction
70% faster data extraction of financial statements
Proprietary algorithms and powerful OCR for high accuracy
Extract data from scanned low-resolution documents
API-enabled easy integration
Flexible and configurable to off the shelf platforms and client’s own models
Dedicated alerts ensure you know if covenants are breached or financial updates are due  
  • Patented technology that enables faster data extraction

  • 70% faster data extraction from financial statements; overall reduction in time taken for credit risk assessments, financial modeling and due diligence processes
  • Ability to extract financial data from native PDF, scanned PDF, MS Excel in multiple languages
  • Reduces time spent on quality assurance of extracted data points by 15% due to seamless online and offline auditing
  • High accuracy

  • Powerful OCR technology handles scanned and low-resolution documents, resulting in 99.6% data accuracy.
  • Proprietary algorithms adapts to the client’s needs, and further improves the overall data accuracy.
  • Enables setting up of custom rule sets  for treatment of financial line items to increase consistency in the credit process.
  • Seamless integration

  • Designed to integrate efficiently with other platforms and customized models, without needing to commit to a massive overhaul.
  • Both on-premise and cloud-based solution deployment options available, regardless of the size of the organizations.
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Boost Efficiency with Fully Automated Financial Spreading

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Automated financial spreading for speed and accuracy

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