Solutions for Investment Management Firms

  • Is your content creation across multiple channels running as smoothly as it could?
  • Are you bringing your clients the compelling new products and investments they demand?
  • Are your operations sharp enough to give you an edge in a tough market?
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We’re here to help your investment management firm perform better

Our service design and delivery solutions for investment and asset managers will help you create better products, deliver better service and sharpen up your operations.
By combining your financial expertise with our proven skills in research, analytics and marketing, you will be able to streamline your internal processes and increase efficiency by 20-50%.

Serve your customer better

Offer your clients deep market knowledge, solid alpha and an enhanced experience

Generate predictive insights

Access industry insights in near real-time and predict the next move for your key segments and prospects

Make sales and operations more productive

Streamline and automate key workflows to boost productivity across multiple teams

Ease the pain of compliance

Automate compliance monitoring and report generation to free up staff for added-value tasks

Expand your research

Bring your clients high-performing investments before the competition

Harness the power of data

Digitise key workflows, automate tasks and unlock new insights through analytics

Sales and marketing support

We can help you discover new insights, produce compelling content and use analytics to predict trends in your key segments and channels.
Research and analytics for near real-time insight
  • Competitive and industry insights
  • Marketing content development
  • Survey, social and web analytics
Distribution and CRM for predictive insights
  • Sales analytics
  • Segmentation and distribution insights
  • Database management
Campaign and channel insights for higher conversions and revenue
  • Digital and campaign management
  • Insights and analytics
  • Channel performance measurement
Content production and management for reduced cost and time to market
  • Workflow and content automation
  • Content management
  • Creative and design services
Case study #1
Leading Global Asset Manager
  • Reduced costs by 20% and turnaround time by 30% for marketing content production
  • Designed analytics framework for the CMO to measure and report ROI and enable scenario simulation for market-mix modelling
Case study #2
Top 10 Global Asset Manager
  • Through analytics, reduced time spent on producing marketing performance reports by 50%
  • Identified 12,600 qualified, profitable leads and made recommendations that could generate an additional $548M in assets

Product and investment support

We can help you find winning new investments for your clients, take the pain out of compliance and sharpen up your business intelligence.
Research support for expanded coverage
  • Equity research
  • ESG coverage
  • Credit research
  • Quantitative research
Data science and quant to help you generate alpha
  • Analytics in research
  • Alternative data and science
Compliance support for lower costs and smoother processes
  • 24/7 credit reports
  • Monitor compliance with strategy/regulations
Performance reporting and analytics to generate key business intelligence
  • Competitive and industry insights
  • Marketing content development
  • Survey, social and web analytics
Case study #1
Boutique Investment Management Firm
  • Leveraged alternative data and created custom analytical frameworks to allow the CIO to validate investment decisions
  • Provided differential and independent insight allowing the CIO to make timely decisions on when to enter and exit positions
Case study #2
Boutique Investment Management Firm
  • Reduced time to publish daily newsletter on portfolio companies by around 50% by streamlining data sourcing process
  • Reduced turnaround time for earnings reports from two to three business days to same day

Client services and business operations support

We can help you redesign key workflows, automate knowledge workflows and make your service more client-centric.
Service design for client engagement and higher NPS
  • External benchmarking
  • Best practice and innovation research
  • Process and workflow design
  • Optimising the customer journey and experience
Process automation and knowledge management for real-time access to insights
  • Business reporting solutions
  • Web-based knowledge management tools
  • Desktop productivity toolkits
Business process support for higher productivity
  • Client onboarding
  • KYC solutions
  • Market monitoring
Case study #1
Leading Global Asset Manager
  • Redesigned firm-level management reporting structure for the Chief Data Officer by creating data process maps based on analysis of system dependencies and resource requirements
  • Automated portfolio reporting and on-demand report production solutions, enabling a 30+% reduction in total effort/resource allocation
Case study #2
Top 3 US Wealth and Investment Mgmt Firm
  • Through portfolio analytics, helped client generate incremental commissions of over 60%
  • Reduced turnaround time of portfolio reviews from four to five days to two days