Professional Services Solutions

Contract Manufacturing and Scaling Proprietary Data Assets

Scalable solutions for creation and monetization of data assets

Professional Services Solutions

Harness the Power of Proprietary Data

In this day and age of easy and inexpensive access to technology via the cloud,  technology and talent by themselves are not enough to stay ahead of competition.

Access to proprietary data assets help you generate timely insights using data no one has access to.

Volume and velocity of data generated within and outside of professional services firms can be overwhelming, though. Standard reports are not enough to gain competitive advantage.

Our domain-specific AI data asset solution helps you navigate the multitude of sources, regulations (e.g. GDPR) and complexity. Our products and managed service scales your data assets with quality and speed.

Analytics use case based approach

Helps you slice, dice and visualize the right data for a number of use cases. 

Lifecycle management of data asset

Review to republish or expire data.

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Scalable Solutions for Proprietary Data Asset Creation and Monetization

Reference Case

See How Chemical Manufacturer Overcomes Threats

Facing threats to its business, a chemical and industrial manufacturing company decided to introduce and apply a comprehensive competitive intelligence solution. Our Insightsfirst platform supplied the client with a fully searchable knowledge repository, as well as continual tracking and regular deep dives on its 10 main competitors.

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