Deal Automation Suite

Accelerate Your Deal Flow

Turn around pitches and deals faster with innovative AI-enabled technology.

Deal Automation Suite

Boost Front Office Productivity with AI

From decades of experience supporting global investment banks, we understand the constant pressure you face to meet tight deadlines.


We’ve identified the most manual, repetitive, and tedious tasks, and captured them within in our deal automation suite. Move beyond optimizing your workforce strategy, and leverage technology to boost productivity across your teams.


We offer several out-of-the-box tools for qualitative research, quantitative analysis, and pitchbook creation. You may also choose to build custom automations specific to your unique needs. Our automation studio experiments with new use cases to drive innovation and improve accuracy with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

Enhance banker productivity with smart tools that accelerate pitchbook creation while adhering to branding guidelines. Includes features such as Logo Library, Tombstone Builder, Template Repository, and Design Toolkit to automate the repetitive manual pieces of pitchbook creation.
Streamline data-centric processes with a financial data hub that offers custom-built trading & transaction comps and benchmarking outputs. Shortlist companies or deals, and preview, customize, and share portfolios in a web-based, self-service portal.
Increase efficiency by automating and integrating multiple workflows across streams from request submission, tracking, and delivery to feedback. Improve transparency on productivity and measure process efficiency.
Beyond our out-of-the-box tools, we’ve deployed thousands of custom automations across our client base. As a result, we have a robust shared code library that our dedicated automation team uses to drive innovation in new use cases and accelerate time to value for bespoke projects.

Reference Case

Deal Automation Suite Achieves Significant Productivity Improvements

A global investment bank headquartered in Switzerland partnered with Evalueserve for over a decade to improve the junior banking experience. Today, junior bankers at the investment bank are assisted by Evalueserve's full Deal Automation Suite.

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Deal Automation Suite

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