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Intellectual Property & R&D Solutions

The Importance of Freedom to Operate Patent Searches

FTO searches provide business-critical information and form the basis for invaluable FTO opinions.  

Our industry unique approach ensures you have clear understanding of your search options and delivers the highest quality results. We work with you to tailor the search recall need for your project phase, from early-development to ready-to-launch. To see how the goal effects the search, read more. 

Controlled Search Quality

Controllable, higher quality – expertise from the market leader.

Multilingual Searchers

We proudly offer native language search and evaluation.

Global Industry & Domain Experience

Evalueserve provides 20 years of FTO domain expertise with specialists in the United States, Germany, Netherlands, India and China. 

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Reference Case

How a Large Diversified Company Identified and Acquired Strategic Patents, Saving £50 million

A large diversified company had portfolios in apparel, home appliances and more. This company was on the lookout for different types of heat exchanger technologies and/or a distressed company with this technology that they can acquire to integrate into their existing and new product lines.

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We offer a distinct suite of products with careful attention to client-specific agility and seamless integration into existing platforms.



Get the highest-quality view of your intellectual property and research and development data when and how you need it.

Insightsfirst Competitive Intelligence


Get an edge in the marketplace through differentiated competitive and market insights curated to specific needs.


Provides highly transparent, tightly scoped, legally compliant and timely search proposals.

Researchstream Product


Facilitating modern workflow with superior proficiency, reliability, and configurability for research and design.

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