Evalueserve’s Solutions

Our Investment Banking Solutions are a unique combination of mind and machine. While our in-house trained analysts have experience in supporting leading investment banks across various coverage groups, product groups, and support functions, our technology solutions make the entire research process more efficient for both our analysts and clients. Our professionals in collaboration with our clients have ideated and built proprietary solutions in all areas of investment banking support. These solutions help our clients to improve their productivity by managing workflow efficiently, integrating global teams, automating routine tasks and improving knowledge management.

Evalueserve’s Solutions

Mind+machine™ in Investment Banking Support

In line with our mind+machine strategy, Evalueserve has been investing heavily in technology to build tools and products that can make the investment banking (IBD) research processes better, faster, and more efficient both for onshore bankers and offshore support team. Our mind+machine approach helps clients drive productivity and effectiveness through a three-pronged technology-enabled approach supported by a dedicated automation team building solutions across our investment banking client portfolio.

  • Process automation through proprietary workflow and knowledge management tool
  • Banker productivity tool focusing on pitch book automation
  • Task automation tools

For more information and demos on Evalueserve proprietary investment banking automation tools, please contact us

Contextual, Easy-to-use PowerPoint Add-In

Your team needs to focus on the value your business can bring to a deal. Too often, junior bankers get caught up with presentation basics, while preparing the ‘big pitch’ Evalueserve Pitchready creates ready-to-go slides for logos, tombstones and templates, thereby freeing up valuable time for your teams to focus on winning the deal.

Available at the click of a button, Pitchready brings efficiencies straight to your desktop. To learn more about Evalueserve Pitchready:

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BIS / Library Services

  • Public and private company filings
  • Company analysis, news run, credit rating, broker reports & press search
  • Company screening
  • Deal runs: ECM, DCM & M&A
  • Indentures and credit agreements
  • Macroeconomic data analysis
  • League tables, volume and advisor fee analysis
  • Industry research

Publishing & Design

  • Presentation and document design support
  • Creative support
  • Visualization support

ECM / DCM Support

  • ECM support
    • IPO / FPO case studies
    • Capital structure analysis
    • Roadshow support
    • Equity strategy databases
    • Trade statistic databases
    • SPAC/ IPO databases
  • DCM support
    • Rating and spread analysis
    • Deal case studies
    • Credit models and ratio analysis
    • Covenant analysis, headroom analysis and stress testing

M&A Advisory

  • Deal origination and transaction support
    • Target/buyer identification
    • Industry and company profiles
    • Equity, debt and transaction comps and financial modelling
    • Pitchbooks
  • Other ad-hoc research support

CRM, Coverage Management and Marketing Support

  • CRM
    • Data migration and stewardship
    • CRM analytics
  • Coverage management
    • Industry newsletters
    • Relationship mapping
    • Share of wallet analysis
    • Board movement data support
  • Marketing support
    • Client newsletters
    • Whitepapers
    • Sponsor database
    • Conference support

What gives us the Edge?

  • 500+ skilled professionals combining functional and domain knowledge
  • 15+ clients including 5 of the top 15 global investment banks
  • Best in class training program approved by CFA Institute for continuing education program
  • Integrated work flow platform which combines all 3 workflow streams namely analytics, BIS and DTP that improves collaboration between bankers and our analysts
  • Global footprint that allows 24x5 delivery in multiple languages; onsite and near shore support
  • Optimization tools, platforms and suites that include task and process automation