Manage your analytics portfolio to increase project success

A new platform for managing your analytics portfolio to maximize value, collaboration and knowledge.

Usecasehub improves the clarity, energy and synergy needed to realize the full potential of the analytics lifecycle

Manage your entire analytics function at the program level

Retain analytics knowledge in your “corporate memory”

Optimize the exchange between your data team and other stakeholders

Make sure analytics adds value throughout your organization

Why choose Usecasehub?

Usecasehub is an all-new software platform specifically designed to maximize the value your enterprise realizes from analytics.

Ask the right questions
Capture analytics ideas from anywhere in the organization – then choose the best projects to take forward.
Take back control
Establish strong governance and clear visibility across the whole project lifecycle, not just execution.
Measure added value
Gauge the benefits of analytics projects against predictions and sharpen up your knowledge management processes.
Analytics for your analytics
See how analytics is working across your organization with macro-level metrics on complexity, geography, solution type and more.
Make knowledge work
Crystallize analytics findings into an orderly, shared knowledge asset that the whole organization can exploit.
Be GDPR ready
Use out-of- the-box risk assessment tools to make sure every project is GDPR compliant.

Key features

What can Usecasehub do for you?

Create analytics briefs
Develop high-level business questions into detailed briefs with clearly defined outcomes and methods.
Strengthen governance
Measure project performance and communicate value created to the business.
Manage knowledge
Share findings across the organization and use them to support better decision-making.
Analytics overview
See how analytics is being used throughout the organization through reports and visualizations.


Usecasehub lets you manage your analytics portfolio to maximize value and take analytics in new directions.

Manage your analytics portfolio
Increase governance and take control of analytics at the programme level to improve synergies between projects.
Realize more value from analytics
Enhance awareness of analytics throughout the organization and help business and analytics teams get the most from it.
The next step in your analytics journey
Take a long term, strategic approach to meeting analytics demands from the business.
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