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Key Benefits
Insightloupe simplifies your work by giving you expertly backed IP and R&D insights

Easy access

Keep all your current and past IP and R&D intelligence projects in one secure, central and easy-to-manage repository.

Custom taxonomy

Create your own categorization or let our experts design it for you, ensuring optimal organization and searchability.

Flexible report building

Integrate detailed data and visualizations in a secure online report, then download it to your desktop to add branding elements and confidential information.

Rich analytics

Get a clear view of trends, see the underlying data, and apply your scenarios to understand the impact on the overall picture.

Custom workflows

Implement customizable workflows that use data sources and curation tasks aligned to your internal processes.

Clarity when it matters

50+ of the top innovators worldwide trust Insightloupe

"Insightloupe provides us with a centralized, searchable repository for 3rd-party IP documents."

Aviation industry company

"Our team saves time by the informative reports that allow us to track competitiveness."

Global energy company

"It is providing a quick way of creating and updating landscapes on a regular basis."

Medical equipment company

What is the key difference between Insightloupe and other automated IP and R&D intelligence tools?

Automated patent &
innovation landscape tools
How insights are created and refined
Mind + Machine
What data types and sources are accepted
Limited and vendor-specific
How taxonomy is defined to categorize documents
Defined by our client and fully customizable
Defined by the tools or system and the data
What internal and external collaboration possibilities exist
How results are visualized
Curated by experts
Based on templates
Quality of data
Accuracy of insights
Every time that you need detailed, precise and accurate insights
For a basic overview or quick answer provided, ~80% accuracy is acceptable
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