• Automating repetitive tasks.
  • Driving standardization and quality.
  • Supporting investment banking research
  • & analytics workflows.


Pitchready: a PowerPoint-based suite with smart productivity tools for investment banking, powered by mind+machine™

Standardizing tools
Reduces the time needed to find, clean, add and format logos and tombstones
Automates routine tasks
Searchable repository and design toolkit automates routine tasks
Intuitive data structure
Data artefacts are categorized according to an organization’s own taxonomies
Ease of use
Easily implemented into existing systems, and work within firewalls
  • Tools easily maintains consistency and standards

  • Logo tool is a searchable repository of over 60,000 clean, transparent, up-to-date company logos, Pitchready makes it easy to find and place logos into presentations.
  • Tombstone builder is a dedicated tool that enables you to use your own pre-defined formats and selection criteria.
  • Routine tasks are automated and streamlined

  • Template repository is a searchable repository of ready-to-use PowerPoint templates, which enables bankers to insert standard slides into pitchbooks.
  • Design toolkit automates over 70 routine tasks frequently needed when developing pitchbooks, which also contains a vast set of graphic elements.
  • Intuitive data structure makes it easy to navigate

  • Function ribbon keeps the tools needed at your fingertips and easy to find, along with the option to customize which tools are featured to fit demand.
  • Data artefacts are categorized according to your own taxonomies, which saves time and effort finding what you need without sifting through unfamiliar terms.
  • Powerful content management dashboard tools

  • PowerPoint-based suite integrates all of these tools and features into current workflow systems and methods.
  • Functions within firewalls without the need for complex configuration and confusing hoops to jump through.
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Enhance Productivity for Pitchbook Creation via Pitchready

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