The best resource for pitchbook production

Pitchready - A suite of smart productivity tools for investment banking

Pitchready provides intuitive tools that help increase productivity by automating repetitive tasks and providing easy access to frequently used content.

The best resource for pitchbook production

Pitchready is a PowerPoint-based suite with easy-to-use tools designed to support investment banking research and analytics workflows

Prepare pitches faster

Maintain brand standards

Automate routine tasks

Rely on visual content

Why choose Pitchready?

Pitchready makes it easy to perform the tasks you need, enabling 80–95% time savings on routine tasks with a toolset that easily fits within your working environment.

Standardizing tools
Pitchready is designed to reduce the time you need to find, clean, add and format logos and tombstones.
Contextual functions
The customizable function ribbon keeps the tools you need most often at your fingertips.
Intuitive data structure
Data artefacts are categorized according to your own taxonomies so you can always find what you need.
Ease of use
Pitchready comes ready to implement on your systems within your firewalls.

Pitchready tools

This suite of intuitive tools was selected to ensure that each pitchbook can be created in the shortest time and to the correct standard.

Logo tool
With a searchable repository containing over 60,000 clean, transparent, up-to-date company logos, Pitchready makes it easy to find and place logos into presentations.
Tombstone builder
Creating tombstones is quick and easy with this dedicated tool that allows you to use your own pre-defined formats and selection criteria.
Template repository
This searchable repository of ready-to-use PowerPoint templates enables bankers to insert standard slides into pitchbooks.
Design toolkit
Over 70 routine tasks that are frequently needed when developing pitchbooks are automated with this toolkit, which also contains a vast set of graphic elements.

How Pitchready boosts productivity

Pitchready drives standardization and reduces the need for manual formatting, helping bankers to perform their research and turn out pitchbooks faster.

Contains clean content
The repositories contain ready-to-use logos, tombstones, templates and graphic elements.
Maintains standards
Thanks to the standardized visual elements and templates, every pitchbook will be on brand.
Saves time
Routine tasks like searching, cleaning, formatting and rearranging are all highly streamlined.