Efficient Pitchbook Creation

Efficient brand-compliant pitchbook creation using industry-leading productivity solution—Pitchready



A Microsoft Office Productivity Suite

Pitchready enhances banker’s productivity by automating repetitive tasks involved in pitchbook creation while maintaining branding consistency and providing access to frequently used content.

Customized Layouts

New Pitchbook Creation: Set up a pitchbook from scratch and add layout as necessary.

Table of Contents (TOC): Create user-defined TOC automatically and update whenever required

Simplify Pitchbook Creation by Adding Logos, Templates And Tombstones On The Fly

Logo Library: Automates resizing and placement of clean logos in charts, text boxes, and other objects from a repository of over 64,000+ company logos.

Template Repository: Add pre-formatted templates into a required pitchbook structure from a frequently used templates’ repository. Repository can be customized to suit each firms’ requirements.

Tombstone Builder: Create credential pages that highlight client advisory role into various client formats including single slide format that has all three deal types – ECM, DCM, and M&A. Use comprehensive filters such as deal types, advisory roles, sector deals, target, acquiror, deal value, etc. to create and sort relevant tombstone pages on the fly.

Content Formatting

Format contents through single click buttons to ensure consistencies as per defined branding guidelines

Proofing Tool

Review, flag, and fix common proofing errors with a single click 

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