Professional Services Product

Boosting Productivity. Maintaining Consistency.

Optimizing the creation of proposals and pitchbooks for professional service firms through intelligent automations.


Customizable. Automated. Optimized.

Enhancing productivity and efficiency during the slides creation process 

Descriptor of key value for the user.

5 automation modules accelerating and standardizing the slide creation process

Configurable Tools

Tailorable tools easily adapt to client-specific templates and data structures

Consistent Data

Brings consistency in data and ease of deployment through a central repository.

Single-window access

Intuitive UI to access relevant PowerPoint functionalities and brand artefacts

Smart Design And Proofing Toolkit

  • Quick access to brand approved templates and infographics, facilitating effective reuse of material and consistency across teams.
  • Access to 15+ configurable proofing checks throughout the slide creation process to ensure consistency in slides.

Snappy Deliverable Preparation

  • Integrated access to RPA-enabled tools eliminating time-consuming steps such as M&A tombstones, client logos, credential packs, and partner/executive profiles.
  • Structured and searchable central repository of back-end data ensuring that each presentation is up to code.

Domain Expert Supported

  • Automation modules focus on slides churned by professional service teams focusing on M&A advisory, corporate finance, and business development.
  • Governed by a team of domain experts, bringing the expertise needed for professional services clients from a range of industries.  

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