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How to Deal with Large Data Sets for Accurate Sales Forecasts?

Case Study

For an investment analyst in the agrochemicals sector, meteorological data is an excellent resource for sales forecasts—but how to leverage such a large data set? Read this case study to see how the mind+machine approach provides end-to-end service from data collection to insight generation.

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Putting Cognitive Technologies to Work

Industry Insight

Cognitive technology is transforming the way firms do business. In this article we explore how forward-looking companies around the world are putting cognitive technology to work across a range of business functions.

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Best Practices for Innovation Without Borders

White Paper

Identifying the right opportunities to drive customer engagement is crucial to sustaining a high organic growth rate. Considerable capital is spent on process-oriented approaches to innovation, which carry a high risk of failure and do not guarantee returns.

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Evalueserve in the News

Microsoft: Find out how a global professional services firm optimizes data management and innovation

For more than a decade, organizations have been outsourcing business processes to control costs and increase agility. That was good news for Evalueserve, which began providing data management services to a global customer base in 2000. Over time, the company began offering more complex analytics and business optimization services that required advanced backup and storage solutions. But as the volume and complexity of data grew, Evalueserve needed to find a more scalable and easily managed platform.

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CEOWorld Magazine: Data Analytics and the Ring of Knowledge

Data analytics is rapidly becoming a critical field for all businesses. But in this cacophony of commentary around Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud, and mobile, how do you decide where to spend your efforts? As a business leader, what is it that you need to know? Also, what is the mind+machine approach and how can it help you?

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Our Blog

Don’t Get your Basics Wrong – AI, Machine Learning, or Big Data

In recent times, my conversations with general managers have inevitably veered to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). What puzzled me was the lack of true understanding of these terms and the imprecision with which they were being used.

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How to be a trusted partner for a company’s IP department

High-volume tasks like docketing can become overwhelming, meaning work on patent analytics and designing new services can suffer. BASF’s IP group has decided to work with Evalueserve. Why does outsourcing such sensitive work require a lot of trust?

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Research Management Solution

Generate Insights. Optimize Budgets. Increase Revenue. Efficient Knowledge Management. Increase Productivity. Maximize Efficiency. Enhanced Collaboration. Timely deliverables and dissemination.

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Database Cost Optimization Module

Database Cost Optimization Module is designed to help your library team choose the most cost-effective databases for a given task, track usage, and generate insights for renewal negotiation. It is just one of our innovative library solutions for investment banking – designed by our experts to save you time, effort and money.

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Press Releases

Evalueserve launches Spreadsmart for fast and accurate financial spreading

Evalueserve, a global provider of research, analytics and data management services, has launched its newest offering: Spreadsmart, a financial spreading software that provides a fast and accurate solution to commercial lending and credit assessment businesses.

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Evalueserve expands its Board

Professional services provider Evalueserve is welcoming Dr. Christian Casal and Armin Meier to its Board of Directors to strengthen its leadership team. The background and experience of the new members complements the current Board, which consists of Marc Vollenweider, Chief Strategist and Co-founder of Evalueserve; Timo Vättö, Chairman of Evalueserve; and Daniel Wälchli, Executive Board Member of IHAG Holding.

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