Evalueserve's Solutions

We are the world's largest IP solutions provider, employing domain and search experts with experience in multiple industries. Our IP Search Solutions is focused on quality, efficiency and smart use of technology. Based on proprietary methodology, our IP Intelligence Solutions are designed to provide deep insights to answer business questions. Including our patent alerting, landscaping, portfolio benchmarking and licensing tools, they form a seamless workflow that will help to make your team more efficient.

Evalueserve's Solutions

Improve Your Standard Patent Searches

Don't settle for less than the best in standard patent searching. Our global team of highly trained patent searchers uses a transparent approach to ensure you have full oversight of the highly innovative proprietary total control methodology. We have access to all major patent databases. Thanks to our IP search expertise and best-in-class tools for search and data enrichment, our research yields highest-quality results every time. Trust Evalueserve for your novelty, prior art, freedom to operate searches and more.

IPR+D Intelligence

Get IP and R&D clarity when it matters. IPR+D Intelligence delivers meaningful insights to R&D and IP professionals to power and protect innovation strategies and develop, maintain and exploit the value of the IP portfolio. Backed by one of the largest and best IP and R&D search and analytics teams in the industry, our solutions keep you in the know, delivering insights how and when you need them.

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