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Bespoke research for restructuring underperforming teams and distressed businesses

Professional Services Solutions

Faster Decision Making Creates More Successful Turnarounds

You assist companies and stakeholders addressing pressures and effecting turnarounds. To regain control, manage crisis, improve return to creditors and limit exposure to risk and bad debt, you need detailed insights. 

Gain detailed business strategies and identify problem areas, you need more than mere access to this knowledge. Our AI products and solutions provide deeper and up-to-date research led insights with accelerated delivery.

Our domain experts and our human-driven AI solutions capitalize on recent opportunities in the market. These analyzed opportunities help you identify problem areas and prepare strategy based on insights, across the restructuring spectrum.

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Comprehensive Solutions To Provide Support Across Restructuring Spectrum

Reference Case

How Evalueserve’s Comprehensive Assessment Enabled Advisory Firm to Successfully Guide Retail Client Through Restructuring Challenges

A mid-tier advisory firm approached Evalueserve for a comprehensive assessment of its client, a retail company with stores across Spain, looking to increase its offerings and scale up and renovate its existing stores.

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