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In a world where every action is measurable, sales leaders truly embody the role of ‘Data-Driven Decision Making’ pioneers within every organization. With targets in sight, products/services in mind, competitor’s movements read, and industry disruptions tracked, there is a lot of pressure to succeed. Sales leaders must make the right decisions on the fly, but there are mountains of information to digest.

Using consistent, near real-time information across a variety of channels and geographies precedes increasing deal-win rates in this ever-transforming digital world.

Our approach to sales analytics provides you and your team a customized solution to winning client business regardless of industry (B2B, B2B2C, B2C, and more). Our solution centers around technology, optimization, analytics and RoI. We use our proprietary decision-ready architecture to combine the power of subject matter experts and technology so your sales analytics strategy scales on a personal level.

See RoI of Investments

Providing seamless personalized experiences to customers, across channels, to aid better engagement and conversion​

Make the Best Use of Resources

Optimizing marketing spend across multiple campaigns, channels and platforms.

Know Your Customer Better

Creating a single view of all your customers to develop meaningful segments that support targeted campaigns

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Reference Case

Churn Attribution Analysis

A combination of driver analyses and customer lifetime value analysis was determined as the best approach. Initially focusing on a single dealer, our team built a data mart, segmented customers based on spend patterns, and identified drivers to generate a final forecast model. An action item matrix was then developed to help client prioritize retention efforts and also in determining ROI for the retention campaign. 

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<Get an edge in the marketplace through differentiated competitive and market insights curated to specific needs.

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Get the highest-quality view of your intellectual property and research and development data when and how you need it.


Facilitating modern workflow with superior proficiency, reliability, and configurability for research and design.

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