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Evalueserve blends research and data skills with social sector knowledge to help address the most pressing economic and social challenges. We work with leading foundations, NGOs, think tanks and other clients through all stages of the investment process – from concept development and strategic planning to measuring impact and effectiveness – collaborating with businesses, governments, nonprofits, and communities alike to drive real impact.

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Streamline how you extract, process, and deliver data with our AI-powered products. In each implementation, our experts configure key features and refine your data quality. As a result, gain access to highly relevant, real-time insights and drive informed decisions across your organization.

Reference Case

International Implementing Agency Identifies Key Enablers and Barriers for Rotavirus Vaccination Immunization (RVVI) Program Through Robust Analysis Tool

An international implementing agency is providing technical support to the government of India’s Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) country-wide Rotavirus Vaccination Immunization (RVVI) program. 

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