What makes us different from other players

In our third video, Evalueserve’s CEO Marc Vollenweider talks about why mind+machine is the key differentiator for the company, and what is the difference to IT companies.

Winners: Best lead generation tool B2B Marketing Expo

best lead generation tool developed by evalueseve

Amongst 15 nominees, the Sales Intelligence tool was chosen as the award winner for the Best Lead Generation Tool, and was nominated for the Sales Productivity Product/Service award at the B2B Marketing and Sales Innovation Expo in London, UK. Proof that mind+machine works!

Evalueserve’s new website is online

Evalueserve’s innovative website shows the whole width of solutions and products Evalueserve can offer. The team took Evalueserve’s mind+machine™ strategy to heart, and used current website technologies, as well as human logic to develop the site.

The benefits of mind+machine™ for our clients

In his second video, our CEO Marc Vollenweider talks about the four benefits of our mind+machine strategy for our clients: 1) Productivity increases 2) Reduce time-to-market 3) Quality improvements 4) Provide new capabilities to give our clients an edge in the market.

Evalueserve powered by mind+machine™ – definition

Evalueserve’s strategy is based on mind+machine. Now, what is mind+machine? Mind+machine is the optimum mix between the human mind, supported by a machine. Neither one of the two works on its own. Human only is too expensive, machines only simply doesn’t work.

Virtual mind+machine™ assistants from Evalueserve

It is more useful to think of automation’s impact at a task-level, rather than thinking about it at a job-level. For complex knowledge-based tasks and workflows in the enterprise, it is best to combine human and machine intelligence – mind+machine.

Evalueserve is proud to inspire Britain!

There are many awards and listings, but as an entrepreneur, some make you prouder than others. For the second time already, we have been chosen as one of 1000 companies to inspire Britain by the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Mind+machine™: The latest updates

Evalueserve has made great headway for our clients with our mind+machine™ approach. Our CEO Marc Vollenweider takes a look at the impact of our automations in this post, revealing just how many working hours we can “automate away”.