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Are you in search of space?

Fields of innovation. Landscapes of technology. Gaps in markets. Windows of opportunity. Areas of improvements. Each one a space to discover. Our passion is your desire to find safe places and exciting new spaces where business can thrive.
Evalueserve IPR&D: The information adventurers

IPR&D’s mind+machine approach offers a combination of experts and innovative workflow and delivery platforms to build and fortify your knowledge and guide your ideas. From patent search & intelligence to patent drafting, patent prosecution and docketing, we’re with you all the way.

Intrepid Innovation

Our innovative mind+machine methodology cuts through the resource-intensive processes that impact productivity.

Our structured and efficient search and intelligence solutions across a number of specialist industries enable you to gain deep insights at speed.

Your innovation drives next generation products and services.

Our innovation constantly improves the quality of insights you need to make these innovations a reality.

Diverse Expertise

We know the terrain, the fault lines and the fastest routes to reliable IP and R&D search and intelligence.

Because of our expertise and experience in your specific field, we provide deep insights that help generate real value for you and your business and that address your key questions.

All adventures have rules. R&D requires a deep understanding of regulatory controls. Beyond regulation, we provide unparalleled quality in technical, scientific, patent and business research literature.

Trusted Partnership

You need a Sherpa to help you explore new domains and progress along the risky journeys you have ahead.

Our work quality builds trust, the foundation of our IPR&D services. It’s why our customer partnerships mature and prosper.

You need flexible resources across the innovation lifecycle to help reduce cost and access the right talent whilst increasing quality. We deploy the right resources when and where they are needed.

Transparency is created by simple, accessible workflows and dedicated research professionals. It keeps things clear and simple to deliver better results.

IP Search & Intelligence

IP departments are under pressure to deliver rapid and consistent research and analytics to inform IP strategies despite the increasing volume of available data. From patent search to in-depth analysis, we can provide reliable, high-quality solutions.

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Innovation & R&D Intelligence

Innovative R&D depends on combined technological, regulatory and IP insights, but how best to find relevant answers? We’ll help you navigate the vast amount of available scientific literature and patents so that you remain innovative, competitive and compliant.

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IP Administration

Maintaining the headcount and in-house expertise to deal with the full range of IP administration tasks is costly. Our highly trained paralegals and specialists in patent drafting and prosecution are prepared to cover your needs. We can also support you with the business-critical transition from transactional to strategic IP management.

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