• Unlock intelligence.
  • Unleash opportunities.
  • Develop foresight. Create scale.
  • Lead the way with forward looking perspectives.


A digital platform that empowers Professional Services firms to get an edge in the marketplace through differentiated insights

Real-time and Actionable Insights
Delivers alerts and analysis on trends, risks, and opportunities enabling you to stay ahead of the curve
Self-service + Collaboration
Facilitates collaboration across business functions and geographies via customizable tagging, notifications, and chatbots
Intuitive & Interactive Dashboards
Provides features that help users slice and dice data, create customized dashboards, ask for bespoke research, etc.
One-stop Centralization
Assesses insights and provides a single version of the truth on a centralized platform
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Provides a unified view of the competitive landscape

  • Multiple parameters gauging CI  through our Thought Leadership Library, Investments Library, M&A Dashboard, Social Media Footprint Analysis, etc.
  • Customizable dashboards  adapt to the needs of various user groups and their specific focus areas.
  • Whitespace identification  uncovers gaps in the market, which reveals growth and innovation opportunities.
  • Robust search interface  clears the noise through real-time notifications and Email alerts, ensuring quick responses to threats and opportunities.
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Provides potential opportunities + sales and strategic intelligence

  • Customized and curated  list of opportunities based on specific needs of a partner/function – leveraging Mind Map framework.
  • Multiple collaboration options  such as tagging capabilities, request for real-time notifications and adding opportunities.
  • Robust search functionality  views and analyzes opportunities, accompanied by an ‘Add to favorites’ option for regular tracking.
  • Bespoke request builder’s  'Ask the Analyst' option allows users to request for additional information on prospects.
  • Sector Intelligence
  • Provides real-time insights on a sector and its key players

  • Key players and disruptors  are kept in-view through intelligence curated from multiple sources and real-time inputs.
  • Pre-defined frameworks  used such as Sector Threat Index, Performance-Potential Matrix, AIIM framework (Alliances, Innovation, Investments, M&A) to analyze the sectors.
  • Real-time updates  are given based on market movements, earnings release, key events, sector-specific news, etc.
  • ‘Add to My Pitch’  for ‘ahead of the curve’ conversation starters with clients, aligning to service/practice area of the professional services firm.
  • Render existing material  in PowerBI, Tableau or PPT for easy integration of information to display and share.

An intelligence platform powered by mind+machine™

Smart Technology

Powered by AI engines, RPA bots, advanced machine learning technologies & automation—without losing the human in-the-loop.

Robust Technology Stack

Includes Angular 6, JQuery/JavaScript, Bootstrap/HTML5/CSS3, D3.js, SQL Server 2012, etc.

Flexible Model

Can be deployed on cloud or on-prem with necessary security protocols in-place.

Domain Expert Supervision

Dedicated domain / functional experts augment AI engine and supervises processes.

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