Analytics Automation Platform

Scale Data-Driven Decisions

Low-code platform built by domain experts to accelerate analytics insights.

Analytics Automation Platform

Make Data Your Competitive Edge

In the last decade, we’ve seen data fuel rapid growth and drive competitive advantages. However, traditional analytics methods are slow to implement and difficult to scale. You can’t always find the right talent or address systemic issues like siloed data and disjointed workflows.


Analytics automation helps you accelerate and strengthen decision-making across the organization. We built our analytics automation platform around the most successful models from high-ROI client use cases. Accelerate time-to-value with our low-code, domain-specific modules.

Elevate your enterprise analytics strategy with analytics governance and portfolio management.
Elevate your go-to-market decisions. Automate domain-specific models and workflows for customer segmentation, customer lifetime value, and product recommendations.
  • The Campaign Management module enables the planning, creation, and execution of multi-channel marketing campaigns, including triggered, scheduled, and journey-based communication​
  • The platform also houses the tracking and measurement of the campaign’s performance, dynamic content, A/B Testing, and more.
  • Combine Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) with Marketing Spend Optimization (MSO) to develop a winning marketing mix strategy for the production, sales, and distribution of products or services.
  • Weaves cutting-edge data science with product infrastructure that enables organizations’ marketing initiatives to leverage Market Mix Modeling at scale.
  • Provides organizations with a comprehensive and holistic performance overview, a tailored contribution analysis, and complete assistance with optimizing spend.

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