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Explore thought-provoking and insightful pieces on the intersection between data science and the information needs within IPR&D Search and Intelligence, Landscaping and other services.

Learn about knowledge processes of IPR&D teams and get an expert view on hot topics such as quality of search, applying the right mix of mind and machine to it and digital innovation around processes such as patent preparation and prosecution as well. Moreover see best practice of answering client use cases in IPR&D including opinion pieces, client cases studies and also sample deliverables.

FTO search
Part 1: Conducting a freedom to operate search – what experienced searchers do differently?

Legal Notice – Patent Infringement! A good freedom-to-operate (FTO) search identifies potential barriers to commercializing products or technologies, eliminating infringement risk. In the first part of a new series on FTO searches, Priyanka Paul tells us how to conduct a good FTO search.

Does innovation intelligence deliver on its promise?

While few would challenge the value of market intelligence or research in financial services, why don’t more R&D, intellectual property or strategy managers harness the power of innovation intelligence? Urs Dommann shares his thoughts on how decision makers in R&D will benefit.

Non-patent literature – the IP-research goldmine

News articles, scientific literature, and the like should be on every IPR&D searcher’s hit list. Priyal Bisht advises: ignore non-patent sources at your peril – that might be exactly where you will find the nuggets of gold.

Thanks, wishes and resolutions from the Evalueserve IPR&D team

“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others.” Urs Dommann shares his thanks, wishes and resolutions for the holiday season, including a few Christmas gifts he’d like to see the Intellectual Property and Research and Development Services industry give to itself.

The full palette of search queries – how to control recall with a smart query strategy

Using the Evalueserve Problem-Solution-Application Framework, Ashutosh Pande tells us how to combine the logical variables of search query to control recall. Grab your paint brushes!

R&D and patent alerts
Part 3: Harnessing the power of patent alerts

In the third part of his series on IPR&D Alerts, Ronen Speyer, shows you how to unlock the economic value of patent watches by enriching data through tagging.

R&D and patent alerts
Part 2: The genetic makeup of the perfect patent alert

In the second part of his series on IPR&D Alerts, Ronen Speyer demonstrates that when it comes to patent watches, it’s all in the genes: learn how to use the Alert Quality Index to balance recall, precision, and insights.

IPRD Information Adventurers blog – 2018 summer season summary on search quality

We’ve been busy in our quest for patent search quality since launching the Information Adventurers Blog in May 2018. Urs Dommann takes us on a whistle-stop tour on what we’ve found out over the summer, and how we will change track now that winter is coming. Join us on our journey!

R&D and patent alerts
Part 1: Are patent watches worth the money?

When done properly, patent alerts are a major weapon in the corporate arsenal. However, in this new blog series, Ronen Speyer argues many companies are wasting money on patent watches, and tells us how to put this right.

The sense and nonsense of using AI in innovation intelligence

Cutting through the Artificial Intelligence hype, Jeroen Kleinhoven and Fedde van der Lijn begin a series of posts on when using AI in patent analysis and innovation intelligence makes perfect business sense – and when it absolutely doesn’t. Read more to understand if AI is right for your use case – or perhaps not yet!

The value of custom tagging in creating insights

Dommann shares how the village library of his youth inspired his passion for information science, patent search and innovation analytics. Read about the importance of custom tagging.

Search query formulation: How to ask the right questions

Search quality starts with smart query formulation – Ashutosh Pande shares how Evalueserve improves search quality by applying Problem-Solution-Application Framework.

The importance of trust when outsourcing IP services

High-volume tasks like IP docketing can become overwhelming, meaning work on patent analytics and designing new services can suffer. BASF’s IP group trusts Evalueserve to support it with this sensitive work. Justin Delfino tells us why.

Partners in IP and R&D search and intelligence: Why we need ‘Planners’ and ‘Explorers’ on our team

Shekhar Khanduja, raises search quality by pairing ‘Explorers’ and ’Planners’ on his team to different IP and R&D use cases with some fascinating results! This new post is the first of many showing how to control the factors in our ‘Search Quality Index’.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 4: The economics of patent search – apples, pears, and IP?

Ashutosh Pande and Urs Dommann discuss economics of patent searching; and introduce an initial formula describing search quality (“search quality index”). Let’s get serious with understanding search quality.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 3: The searcher’s dilemma

Much of the value offered by IP search services is helping customers to identify the most relevant data sources, without getting distracted by the irrelevant. But this can come at a cost. Urs Dommann and Ashutosh Pande explain the searcher’s dilemma.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 2: How to find and clone the ‘perfect searcher’

If you could clone the ‘perfect searcher’, what kind of personality, experience and profile would you specify to optimize patent search quality? Urs Dommann reflects on the human factors of knowledge management, and how machines fill the inevitable gaps.

What is a good IP and R&D search?
Part 1: “The perfect Search”

Is it possible to deliver a perfect IP and R&D search, i.e., a novelty or validity search that finds 100% of the relevant documents? Urs Dommann tells the story of seeing it achieved and explains why the method can’t be repeated.

Introducing the Information Adventurers blog

The Head of Evalueserve’s IPR&D business Urs Dommann launches our Information Adventurers blog with a fundamental and provocative question. What constitutes a good IP and R&D search or intelligence?