Professional Services

To maintain your edge in the competitive professional services marketplace, you need the expertise and agility to respond to rapid market changes as new technologies, competitors, alternate delivery methods, and fee arrangements emerge.

Industry Overview

Professional Services Solutions

We tailor research and analytics solutions for you that are easily integrated with optimized versions of your processes, adding significant value and impact to your processes and service delivery.


Market & Strategic Intelligence

Timely, relevant, and actionable insights are mission critical. Based on customized market and strategic intelligence, our solutions are designed to help you gauge market opportunities, understand the impact of emerging trends, and stay ahead of the competition.


Deals, M&A, & Corporate Finance Support

Clients need rich insights at the right time in order to facilitate timely decision-making. To help you prepare investment propositions, find potential buyers and sellers for specific markets, and conduct due diligence, our solutions capitalize on recent M&A velocity in the market and analyze the latest trends.


Rapid Research Support

On-demand, actionable, and high-quality bespoke insights can be the key to a successful project and a satisfied client. Delivering insights supported by analytics, visualization, domain expertise, and industry knowledge right where and when you need them is just what we do. 


Knowledge Management

Robust knowledge management processes are key components to reducing the complexity that comes with global businesses. Evalueserve’s knowledge management and transformation services streamline and connect decentralized workflows, manage existing knowledge assets, and generate reports for actionable analytics. 


Design & Production Support

Access 24×5 coverage for content production, publishing, design, and editing support. Our content design services streamline the document production process and establish a strong foundation to maximize the effectiveness of any business communication.


Data Analytics

We support data handling, engineering, harmonization and visualization services to prepare analytics for end-clients.


Scale Data Assets

Volume and velocity of data generated within and outside of firms can overwhelm you. Our data asset solution navigates multiple sources, regulations (e.g., GDPR), and complexity to provide a managed service to scale data assets with quality and speed.


Sustainability & ESG

Get dedicated intelligence from our ESG product and solutions, including themes, regulatory landscapes, and emerging opportunities to combine frameworks, custom analytics, and domain expertise. Your clients can benefit from an in-depth, data-driven view to implement ESG strategies and produce tangible progress against sustainability goals.


Innovation & R&D Intelligence Solutions

Receive meaningful insights that combine domain and search experts’ knowledge with cutting-edge technology. As the world’s largest provider of R&D intelligence solutions, you can rest assured that we’ll provide the right insights at the right time. Evalueserve delivers actionable insights when you need them. 

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We offer a distinct suite of products with careful attention to client-specific agility and seamless integration into existing platforms.

Reference Case

Streamline Sector Intelligence with Insight Collection & Dissemination

A Big Four Advisory Firm is no stranger to developing new systems and methods for its clients. Given their global presence and rapid pace of market development, their sector teams were being stretched to make quick decisions without adequate and timely access to data and insights.

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