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Evalueserve Launches Usecasehub for Optimized Analytics

Evalueserve has launched a new product – Usecasehub, a unique analytics governance and knowledge platform that will help businesses get more value out of their analytics initiatives. For organizations looking to take the next step in their analytics journey, Usecasehub is the catalyst that will help them meet their demand sustainably. Usecasehub has high potential to become a very important application in the toolkit of any organization’s analytics center of excellence.

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Evalueserve launches Pitchready for fast and accurate pitchbook generation

Evalueserve, a global provider of research, analytics, and data management services, has launched a new product – Pitchready, a productivity suite that offers fast and configurable pitchbook solutions to investment banking and advisory firms. The software saves 95% of time spent on adding logos to a pitch book and 80% of time spent on creating tombstones. Overall, it increases formatting efficiency by 50%.

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