Market & Competitive Intelligence

Leverage Insightsfirst market and
competitive intelligence to gain
insights into market opportunities,
understand the impact of emerging
trends and disruptions, and maintain
excellent competitive foresight.

What we provide

Market definition and ecosystem

Understand the complete ecosystem and value chain in your target market.

Competitor tracking

Get real-time intelligence on your competitors' recent strategic moves.

Market size and forecast

Estimate and forecast your key market opportunities with insightful analytical models.

Benchmarking profiles and battlecards

Keep the advantage with in-depth assessments of your competitors’ products and strategies.

Market trends and environment analysis

Reveal the game-changing trends and regulations that pose opportunities and challenges.

Threat index and heat maps

Develop an early warning system to identify competitor threats as they develop.
How we provide precision-intelligence on your target markets and competition

Diagnostics and Scope Design

Assess the market and competitive intelligence business framework, map stakeholder requirements, define scope and themes, and lay out your winning project plan

AI Engine Set-up and Filtering

Gather contextual information from multiple sources through relevant triggers and intricate mind maps, then autofilter down to the most relevant information

Research and Analysis

Easily identify market and competitive intelligence workstreams and curate findings from multiple data sets into actionable insights that will drive your strategy forward

Insight Dissemination

Keep all stakeholders aware of the insights through push-email alerts and notifications in custom-built dynamic and scalable technology dashboards