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To maintain your edge in the competitive professional services marketplace, you need the expertise and agility to respond to rapid market changes as new technologies, competitors and fee arrangements emerge. We tailor research and analytics solutions and ensure they are easily integrated with optimized versions of your processes, adding significant value and impact to your processes and service delivery.

Service Design Consulting





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Service Design Consulting

Applied | Operationalized | Optimized

Our multi-disciplinary approach is based on the 3 pillars of business context, experience design, and process acceleration components. We leverage our Agile D3 framework to co-design customized solutions while constantly identifying new areas for driving efficiency.

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Knowledge Services

Insightful | Enabling | Customized


Comprehensive | Strategic | Bespoke

See how we analyze and improve value drivers such as brand and channel effectiveness while keeping a strong ROI focus.

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Find out how we enhance operations quality, using data-driven strategy to optimize costs and improve profitability and customer loyalty.

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See how we apply tried-and-tested use cases and bespoke solutions to improve topline, margins, market share and customer experience.

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Learn how we help to build a customer-centric organization by enhancing customer experience with data-driven strategies.

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Digital Platforms

Scalable | Configurable | Intuitive

Cloud-enabled, market & competitive intelligence platform

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Productivity toolkit, powered through RPA bots, RPA bots, workflow automation tools, API Plugins, etc.

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Web-based workflow system with knowledge management capabilities

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Patented software for faster and more accurate financial spreading

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Intuitive platform designed to maximize the value your enterprise realizes from analytics

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Get the highest-quality view of your IP and R&D data when and how you need it

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See how our clients have benefited
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Knowledge Management Consultation for Accelerated Business Development

We helped a global real estate investment and management firm save over 5,000 hours annually by streamlining the process of creating, storing, and accessing key data.

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Creation and Management of Data Assets for Monetization Opportunities

See how our data asset management services helped the client significantly improve the quality of deliverables created by its teams.

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Adding Strategic Value with Tactical Automations

See how we assisted a global strategy and management consulting firm increase RoI on research products through 20% efficiency gains.

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Support for Brand Adherence and Consistent Creative Expression

Brand building is an extremely challenging task. At the same time, it is critical for ensuring a strong foothold in the market.

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Multi-function Solutions for Global Gains

Learn how we've helped our client enable multi-function solutions for global gains

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Design Support for Brand Adherence and New Visual Expression

Save time to focus on core duties and ensure enhanced quality of output via our design, survey analytics, and secondary research services.

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