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Professional Services

To maintain your edge in the competitive professional services marketplace, you need the expertise and agility to respond to rapid market changes caused by new technologies, competitors and alternative fee arrangements. Evalueserve is a leading provider of solutions for business research, data management and analytics with extensive experience with the whole range of professional services firms. With a rich portfolio of automation tools, best-in-class processes and knowledge management platforms, our expert will fully support you with reliable and scalable research and analytics.

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Market Intelligence & Strategic Insights

Using dedicated tools and models, our experts will help you gain deeper insights about your competitors, prospects and target industries.

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Customer Insights & Analytics

Gain a deep understanding of your customer data and translate it into effective relationship management strategies. We will support you with monitoring and analyzing everything from sales campaigns to customer service experiences.

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Active Online Listening

Want to know more about how your company is perceived? Our AOL solution retrieves critical information about your brand from social media, helping you tap into the global conversation and plan competitive digital initiatives.

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Sales & Marketing Analytics

Customer data can be used to inform customer-focused strategic decisions and help improve the ROI on promotions. Our analytic approach gives a single view across all data sources for deep actionable insights.

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Data Cleansing, Integration & Stewardship

Our processes and tools are designed to put you on track for success by improving data quality, update speeds and governance.

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Data Visualization & Interpretation

As a full-service solution provider for data visualization and interpretation, we’ll help you identify market trends, make accurate forecasts and more. Rely on our proprietary tools and cross-industry expertise to get more out of your data.

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Modeling & Analysis

Modeling and other analytics require valid, current data that are easily accessible. We’ve developed a unique framework for assessing and improving data maturity levels to support superior insightful modeling and analytics workflows.

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Sales Enablement Support

Ensure your sales team are spending their valuable time with customers. Our researchers, analysts and industry experts will ensure your teams have everything they need to be competitive and increase their pipeline.

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Analytics Solution Structuring

How do you translate business needs into analytics strategies? Evalueserve has a unique approach to creating consistent, scalable governance frameworks that function across use cases and analytics levels.

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Global Markets Research

Help your analysts strike the optimal balance between conducting research and other essential tasks such as expanding coverage and meeting clients. We’ll provide efficient research support so you can focus on your customers.

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Business & Market Research

Using dedicated tools and models, our market research experts will help you quickly reach actionable insights about your competitive strengths, customers’ imperatives and market landscape.

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Risk Analytics

Comprehensive strategies for mitigation of credit risk, supplier exposure risk and price risk require thorough yet efficient analytics. We’ve brought together analysts, bankers and regulatory experts to develop comprehensive and compliant risk analytics solutions that are in use at some of the largest global banks and major corporations.

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Procurement & Supply Chain Insights

We have the experience and solution set to empower your team with live insights into the state of their dynamic supply chains.

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Procurement & Supply Chain Analytics

Gain deeper insight into your production, sales and logistics data to support forecast optimization, deployment strategies and more.

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IP Search & Intelligence

IP departments are under pressure to deliver rapid and consistent research and analytics to inform IP strategies despite the increasing volume of available data. From patent search to in-depth analysis, we can provide reliable, high-quality solutions.

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IP Administration

Maintaining the headcount and in-house expertise to deal with the full range of IP administration tasks is costly. Our highly trained paralegals and specialists in patent drafting and prosecution are prepared to cover your needs. We can also support you with the business-critical transition from transactional to strategic IP management.

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Innovation & R&D Intelligence

Innovative R&D depends on combined technological, regulatory and IP insights, but how best to find relevant answers? We’ll help you navigate the vast amount of available scientific literature and patents so that you remain innovative, competitive and compliant.

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Risk & Compliance

Do you have optimal processes for refreshing customer documentation such as KYC reports and performing handovers to relationship managers? We understand the challenges involved. Let us help you acquire information with minimum hassle to customers, deal with foreign language documentation and more.

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