Evalueserve Digital Platforms

Today’s digital world requires you to approach challenges and create solutions in a totally different way. Our digital platforms give you the power to gain the ultimate business advantage.

Scalable | Configurable | Intuitive

  • Evalueserve Insightsfirst
  • Function: Sales & Marketing

  • Insightsfirst helps you set up systematic and centralized intelligence programs and delivers actionable insights using our unique mind+machine approach

  • Evalueserve Researchstream
  • Function: Dynamic Workflow

  • Web-based workflow system with knowledge management capabilities

  • Evalueserve Spreadsmart
  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Patented software for faster and more accurate financial spreading

  • Evalueserve Insightloupe
  • Function: Innovation Intelligence

  • Get the highest-quality view of your IP and R&D data when and how you need it

  • Evalueserve Usecasehub
  • Function: Analytics Knowledge Management

  • Intuitive software platform specifically designed to maximize the value your enterprise realizes from analytics

  • Evalueserve Datacrest
  • Industry: Life Sciences & Healthcare

  • Powerful data management, analytics, and business intelligence tool for the pharmaceutical, life sciences, and healthcare industries

  • Evalueserve Pharmafusion
  • Industry: Pharmaceuticals

  • Web-based, dynamic and smart visualization platform for business intelligence on disease areas and the pharmaceuticals market

  • Evalueserve Pitchflow
  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Modern digital collaboration tool and content management platform for investment banks

  • Evalueserve Pitchready
  • Industry: Financial Services

  • Desktop toolkit to automate pitchbook creation

  • Evalueserve Procuremine
  • Function: Procurement

  • Web-based platform for risk assessment and category and vendor insights

  • Evalueserve Researchscaler
  • Industry: Professional Services

  • An intelligence automation toolkit that leverages RPA, workflow automation tools, API plugins and more in order to eliminate routine tasks in data collection and presentation.


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