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Helping enable insight-driven sourcing decisions in an increasingly digital world

Evalueserve Procuremine is a set of services that helps procurement teams move faster up the digitalization maturity curve by enabling insight-driven decision-making and providing increased visibility on the sourcing risks and opportunities facing your organization.

Evalueserve Procuremine


Our analyses and tools are tailored to your specific requirements in order to deliver maximum impact and RoI.


Our services, analyses and solutions work with your existing technology and data in order to help you achieve your key initiatives and strategies.
How Procuremine helps enable insight-driven sourcing decisions
A global team of experienced analysts, with expertise in key sectors and specialty areas
Mind+Machine: combining our analysts with cutting-edge technologies for maximum impact and efficiency
Smart tools for cost modelling, innovation benchmarking and supplier dashboards
Bringing together market intelligence as well as your internal data for a 360-degree view
Advanced analytics to derive predictive and prescriptive insights from your data
What sets us apart

Data Integration

Bringing together external data along with internal data that is scattered and in varying formats.

Real-Time Data & Alerts

Leveraging the latest technology to monitor vast amounts of data real-time and cut through the clutter.

Process Optimization

We optimize procurement decision-making processes through simplification, automation and smart technology tools, to free up time, speed up processes, save cost, reduce time to market, and deliver new capabilities.

Predictive & Prescriptive

Analyses that drive decision making and identify key risks & opportunities.


The right engagement model to fit your business – pay-as-you-go, subscription models, dedicated teams or one-time projects.

Smart Tools

The right tools to allow your teams to easily find the insights they need; custom analyses, dashboards, interactive models and portals.

Learn how we can help unlock the insights in your data to accelerate your transition to a digitalized procurement team.