Smart Tools & Analytics

Leveraging our analysts and data scientists to help unlock the insights from the vast and growing pool of data available to your business.

What we provide

A team of data scientists who can conduct value-adding predictive and prescriptive analytics on the data coming from your P2P and supply chain systems.

Interactive dashboards that help drive decision-making around supplier performance management, spend analytics, benchmarking and cost modelling.

Integrating external data with your internal data for a more holistic view of risks and opportunities.

Advanced tools that help with forecasting, cost modelling, scenario planning, commodity tracking and help make data and analyses more accessible.
How we work

A large team of experienced data scientists who work closely with our procurement intelligence experts in order to provide a complete business view

We are technology agnostic and work with most major IT systems, as well as a large range of 3rd party data and dashboarding tools

Flexible engagement models that can range from one-time projects to dedicated teams that support your ongoing requirements

Working with your existing technology investments to help maximize your value from the investments you’ve already made