Artificial Intelligence

Don’t get your basics wrong – AI, machine learning, or big data

In recent times, my conversations with general managers have inevitably veered to the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). What puzzled me was the lack of true understanding of these terms and the imprecision with which they were being used.

What US firms need to do for MiFID II compliance

MiFID II regulation provides transparency and investor protection, however, the European Union’s new approach creates conflict for US-based firms where bundling research is a common practice. So what is the need for the US to be compliant?

Preparing for an automated future

Automation is the most popular trend in today’s world of business. It is general consensus that automation increases productivity, leads to higher returns, and makes life better, but there are broader differences on how it will impact employment levels and society as a whole. The big question is: are we prepared to deal with its implications?

Mind+machine™ against the dark side of the internet


The spread of fake news is a common problem that online and social media are facing. There are different solutions that companies are applying to avoid this: Human fact-checking or artificial intelligence programs to solve the problem with technology. Both methods have failed so far. So what is a potential solution?

Putting cognitive technologies to work

Cognitive technology is the next big cost saving initiative in the world of procurement. We have taken a look at various cognitive solutions that are being implemented across industries and how they constructively evolve the overall maturity of the procurement organizations. The infographic below details these industries we have covered and their specific applications

Reality bites – review of an AI implementation proposal

One of our clients invited our chief strategist to help them assess the proposal they had received from a prominent AI tool. See why he believes AI providers are not spending enough time on the analytics value chain before pitching their services.

Everything is a machine! Where is my mind?

Warren Bennis once said that the factory of the future will have only two employees – a man and a dog. The man will be there to feed the dog. The dog will be there to keep the man from touching the equipment. Are we in the vicinity of that future yet?

Efficient frontier: Where machines support minds

When it comes to analytics use cases, mind alone tends to be too expensive, too slow. Machine alone can’t deliver real insights or knowledge. Success lies in knowing how to mix the two. The key lies in knowing how to find the efficient frontier.

Where artificial intelligence (AI) fails

Do you think that Artificial Intelligence can do everything? In the Silicon Valley there is a firm belief in the power of machines. Marc Vollenweider (CEO, Evalueserve) doesn’t think so! Watch our fourth video to learn more.

The impact of robo-advisors on wealth management

Wealth management fintech opens up new possibilities for companies and clients. Even though they haven’t captured a significant market share, robo-advisors are having an impact on the wealth management industry. This new article looks at the case in detail.

Humans, automation and the future of work: A reading list

There has been a flood of books on this topic in the last year or two. We have compiled a reading list of the top business books on automation and the future of work.

Algorithm picks most successful US CMOs in 2015

Business Insider recently ran an interesting post on this topic based on the results published from an algorithm by ExecRank. The featured CMOs come from a variety of industries, such as media, technology, retail, and industrial as well as consumer goods.

Financial services need the right mix of mind+machine™

In our modern, data-driven business environment, banks and other professional services firms place a premium on efficient and reliable information management. What can business information services do to meet those expectations?