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Four steps to make your model risk management 50% more efficient

Traditionally, testing, monitoring and validating models has been hands-on, non-standardized and slow. But with the right mindset and a few careful changes, there are more opportunities to introduce automation tools and process optimization than you might think.

Should young investors focus more on dividend stocks?

Have you thought of investing in highflier stocks, or does dividend stocks have your undivided attention? Did you know how to sail through the volatile stock market? See why young investors looking to invest for a long term should consider dividend stocks.

Factor indices – still too sophisticated for LatAm?

Is it time for investors in LatAm to tread an investment path different from the one taken by traditional asset managers? Should they embrace the global trend of factor indices and take controlled risk with proven strategies?

What US firms need to do for MiFID II compliance

MiFID II regulation provides transparency and investor protection, however, the European Union’s new approach creates conflict for US-based firms where bundling research is a common practice. So what is the need for the US to be compliant?

Can SAR devaluation help KSA reinvigorate its economy?

Saudi Arabia’s macro-economic indicators have put a big question mark on the sustainability of Saudi riyal (SAR) peg to the US dollar at 3.75. Devaluation appears to be the only potent weapon for the kingdom to rein in soaring fiscal deficit, without constraining economic growth.

MiFID II – wins or losses for asset managers?

The new legislative proposal is expected to have a global impact on the ecosystem of how buy-side consumes sell-side research. The changes will create fresh challenges for the industry, but they will also bring some attention-worthy opportunities.

Brexit: Navigating through the uncertain climate

The long-term impact of Brexit is not yet clear, although market sentiments seem largely negative. Companies need to choose between making a move right now or waiting for UK–EU negotiations to play out.

Reimagining asset management – one step at a time

The asset management industry is already facing a number of challenges. How is the industry geared to meet technology-led disruption, including from FinTechs? Also, how are asset managers driving innovation across their value chain? Read to find out more.

Suits, hoodies and machines – the future APAC banker profile

It’s 2030 and you’re in the APAC region for a meeting with your investment banker or financial advisor. Who will you meet? 1) someone in a sharp suit, 2) a 25-year-old data expert in a hoodie and jeans or 3) a machine? My guess is a mix of 2) and 3).

The winning formula for sell-side research teams

Given the proliferation of internet data, budget cuts and proposed regulations seeking separate payment for sell-side research, there is a significant focus on leveraging intelligent automation in research.

Will regulation reshape the index industry?

Since the LIBOR scandal, financial regulation has tightened throughout the index industry. The need for greater risk reduction and compliance is more important than ever. What options are available for index providers and users such as asset managers?

Is technology integration the only way forward for banks?

Banking success hinges on continuous transformation, which is a truly herculean task. What is the best course in light of recent sector trends? ‘The Future of Banking’ seminar discussed critical problems facing the sector, the pros and cons of different banking approaches, and if technology will emerge as its backbone in the near future.

Selecting data sources the smart way

Making the assessment of whether the right data source is being used is difficult and has always required considerable research experience. However, new technological developments are making it possible for even a newbie researcher to have this information readily available.

How asset managers can do more in less time

Increasing competition demands that asset and marketing managers automate their process of generating information and insights. Modern knowledge management systems can go a long way in helping a company stay relevant.

Why banks struggle with BCBS 239?

Complying with the risk data management principles in BCBS 239 is challenging for many banks. Why are they struggling to bring their risk data aggregation and reporting in line with that framework? We take a look at the reasons for these difficulties.

The impact of robo-advisors on wealth management

Wealth management fintech opens up new possibilities for companies and clients. Even though they haven’t captured a significant market share, robo-advisors are having an impact on the wealth management industry. This new article looks at the case in detail.

Modular approach to database subscription management

Database subscription management is a high-priority activity for financial services firms. Not surprisingly, data managers place enormous emphasis on being compliant, beating subscription costs, and optimizing subscriptions through scalable processes.